Product overview

A catalogue of over 100 profiles that can be supplied in 25 steel grades, delivered in lengths from 6m to 108m.

From steel production to rolling and final inspection, our strict manufacturing standards secure the production line and ensure the continued high quality of our products. With many years of experience in producing rails according to current standards and exact customer specifications, we offer rails with outstanding metallurgical and mechanical properties. Various quality control systems reliably guarantee the excellent quality of our products.

With an annual production of more than 300,000 tons per year, Saarstahl Rail has a catalogue of more than 100 rail profiles which can be supplied in more than 25 steel grades and in lengths from 6m to 108m.

Green rails

The concep is based on a circular economy


Rails for high-speed and conventional lines

For high-speed trains traveling at more than 300 km/h.


Rails for heavily loaded tracks

For heavily loaded tracks up to 35 tonnes per axle.


Grooved rails for tram

For tramway lines


Rails for crossings

For the manufacture of switch rails


Special Profils

Pistes, check rails and T52


Special products

Bainitic Rails, Sogenox, Wear-resistant grooved rails, Anti-corrosion rails