Special profils

Saarstahl Rail also produces other types of so-called "special" rails :

  •  Check rails
  •  Tracks
  •  T52 conductor rail

Check rail

The check rail is mainly used in turnouts and also in some very tight curves. This type of rail is a specific profile that is positioned parallel to the rails already in place on the track. Its role is to direct and hold the rolling stock correctly when passing through the heart of the track or the curve to prevent incidents such as derailments.
The steel grade used is mainly R260, but it can also be made in specific harder grades to reduce wear.

Track rail or Piste rail

Track rails are H-shaped profiles with tight tolerances.
They are used in tyre metro systems.
The grades used are S235JR and S235J0 (according to EN 10025).

T52 conductor rail

These are conductor rails designed to carry electricity to the train.
The grades used are low carbon grades to ensure low electrical resistivity.