Certificates and standards

The company is committed to a quality management approach and meets the reauirements of the ISO 900! standard.

As part of its environmental management Saarstahl Rail is also ISO 14001 certified.

In addition, Saarstahl Rail attaches importance to the CSR performance of its partners. It has been certified by Ecovadis : Gold level since 2021.

The quality of the rails must be ensured and for this tho products sold meet the requirements of the most demanding technical standards.

We find in particular the series of Standard EN 13674 (parts 1 to 4, vignole rails, switch rails, check rails) the Standard EN14811 for Grooved rails as well es the Standard EN 10025 for track type products.

The company also produces according to other standards such as Indian IRS Standard and American AREMA Standard.